In Business Bags for Women, Navy is the New Black

If you're sick of having only one real choice when shopping for business bags for women, you'll be glad to hear that navy is the new black. 

Navy Business Tote BagWhen you’re picking out accessories that you want to use in a professional setting, you have to strike a careful balance. You'll usually want pieces that feel neutral and classic enough to go with many different outfits while still trying to retain your own style and personality.

Black is a fairly easy way to go in a business setting, which is why so many men spend the majority of their work time wearing black suits. It can get a bit boring just relying on black, and contrary to most beliefs, black doesn’t suit every complexion.  On some women, it can even look harsh. 
While a black business laptop bag works well at the office, some don’t make the transition to a more casual evening or weekend bag very well.

If you take a look at laptop tote bags in navy leather on the other hand, they can serve a lot of purposes very well. The deep navy, combined with top quality leather still has a look that's formal and serious enough to look perfectly at home in any office setting.

Once you leave to go home for the day though, it has just enough personality to also make a wonderful handbag. Of course, since it serves two purposes in one so well, it’s worth investing in something that is well made in a quality material like leather.  After all, you'll be getting a lot of use out of it!

Remember, of course, that there are plenty of more practical features that you should look for in a bag. You need a place to stow small items like charging cables and a spot where you can keep your mobile phone in easy reach. A clip for your keys is both a convenience and a safety feature; it'll save you from rummaging around to search for them and also from having to fumble for them in a dark parking lot while you try to get into your car at the end of a long day at work.

It also never hurts that there's an extra pop of color and fun in the print on the fabric of the interior. It adds spice without disrupting the elegance of the solid leather exterior.

A well-made leather laptop bag is always going to be a great choice to take to the office. It says that you care about how you present yourself and at the same time, has the tough materials and protective compartments that you need to keep your computer safe.

It's also designed with a strap just long enough to be comfortable both held in your hand and resting on your shoulder for those moments when you need both hands free. In both style and color, a navy tote bag is flexible and durable enough to go with you through every aspect of your life and to look good doing it.