What to Wear to Work If You Love Animal Prints

What to Wear to Work is one of the questions everyone who has ever held down a job, has to face on a daily basis. 

For certain careers, the answer is pretty straightforward How to wear animal prints to workbecause there is an official uniform or strict dress code.

For women in business careers however, the guideline is usually more of a vague expectation that you look professional.

Don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that means boring though! In an era where everyone is talking about personal branding and the need to market yourself, mixing a great animal print into your wardrobe is a wonderful way to add some personality to an outfit without looking unprofessional.

Moderation At The Office

The key is to always use animal prints in moderation at the office.

Very young women can sometimes get away with doing something really bold like wearing an entire animal print dress. If you're 35 or older however, you'll be running a big risk of looking a little ridiculous. It's also a good idea to remember that going too bold on a big piece of clothing limits its usefulness as something you can mix and match. Where a plain skirt and suit jacket can be combined with other things in a huge number of ways to create outfits that look completely different, your ability to camouflage a leopard-print dress is going to be limited.

That’s Why Accessories Can Be the Perfect Choice 

The nice thing about including some leopard print or zebra print in your accessories is that people expect a little extra style and individuality in those pieces. It's also a good way to keep your use of the print from becoming overwhelming. Something like an Ocelot laptop tote from My Best Friend is a Bag is perfect because it offers enough material to make an impact and show you have a sense of style. 

Also, since these prints can look great with virtually any color or style, you end up with something a lot more versatile than say, a solid red bag.

Chose the Particular Print Wisely
Ocelot Animal Print Tote Bag and Giraffe Print Laptop Sleeve
Animal prints aren't all created equal!  Something crafted to look like a zebra is going to have a lot of visual impact, especially because there's so much contrast in the colors that are used.  So if you’re going with a really bold print, try to keep it small.

With something like our Giraffe Print 13” Laptop Sleeve, you're getting some contrast and a look that will draw someone's eye, but with the gorgeous black tassel breaking it up, it say’s ‘look at me’ in a business like way.

If you try something like a My Best Friend is a Bag Ocelot animal print tote bag on the other hand, you're getting a much more subtle effect.

An ocelot print is a particularly great choice because it's right on the edge of looking like a simple repeating pattern rather than a reproduction of the look of an animal's fur. It adds style without overwhelming anything else you might be wearing.  Plus it’s a printed cow hide so it feels fabulous to the touch.

Don't Forget About Practicality

Clothes to wear to work need to project the right image, but they also have to make it easy for you to get the job done. Something that looks wonderful but doesn't have the pockets or features that you need is going to end up being more trouble than it's worth and spending a lot of time just sitting in your closet.  Everything from My Best Friend is a Bag is designed to be beauty and brains combined. 

Beauty On The Outside, Brains On The Inside

Our bags will help you stay organised while you lead your busy life.

An animal print Accessory Pouch is also a great wardrobe staple because it has a wide variety of uses. 

You can use it to carry your computer leads and chargers while you’re travelling.  You can use it as a fabulous make-up purse or it’s a great size to be used as a small clutch at night. 

My Best Friend is a Bag have taken the time to design a range of products that both look great and help make it easier for you to get through the day.